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Here are some suggested sites that I recommend  to offer trustworthy advice.  Everyday thousands of people ask ‘food safety’ questions and rather than offer “my advice” I would rather link you to a trusted source. Maybe you just need a tried and true method or technique, you can find them here too.


Food storage & safety:

  • Have you ever wondered how long different products last?   There is the old saying, “If in doubt, throw it out!”  But before you toss it check with  Still Tasty.
    • There are recall notices issued everyday – be on top of the latest recalls and sign up for FDA recalls of food, pet food at  FDA Recalls.    Sign Up via email  
    • There is also an app for that!    Product Recall App
    • Trying to avoid genetically modified foods?   Check out this app.   Buycott


Canning and Preserving:




Brining Explained:



Pressure Cooker:
Thanks to Janet for these resources – I am not adept at pressure cooker cooking but it is on my bucket list.
Hip Pressure Cooking
Miss Vickie

Temperature and Time Chart:


Weight to cup conversion guides & pan size conversions:

Trusted Recipe Websites:

  •   As a brand ambassador for I would be remiss in not mentioning them first.  I have learned so much from the AllRecipes community, found some amazing recipes and learned a great deal from their library of videos.    Check out Chef John’s videos on Allrecipes for a learning experience along with a good laugh.   I wish there were a better way to search his videos – hint – hint AR – but scroll through them and you will find some gems!
  •   Melinda Lee has been on the radio here in Southern California for years and although she has changed stations a few times, I have followed her.  In fact, I have listened to her for so long that I often know the answer to the questions before she speaks!  I have learned a great deal from Melinda and she always takes the time to thoroughly explain every detail.   She has just launched a new magazine, Whisk!


If you are looking for other sources or would like to recommend a source,  just let me know – I probably have them available and will add them as suggested.




Trusted Resources — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Baking Nana. Not sure I am up to the October challenge, but I will be reading about your food adventure. Thanks for the invitation on AR to see you here. You website looks great!

  2. BN: Looks great! I’m sure these are listed separately under each of your sections, but I often look up the chart for recommended internal temperature for various meat.

    • I am adding links for time and temperature for various meats. In the future I would like to have those on this site, directly instead of referring people elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Hi Baking Nana-Doesn’t Chef John have a blog offsite of AR? I thought I saw it once, although I can’t find it now. People are always asking for a substitute list-i.e. using apple sauce for oil, etc. or a good resource for equivalent charts i.e. how many T. in a 1/4 cup. Great resource page.

    • Chef John does have a Food Wishes blog and I will add that to the blog roll once I get it going. Chef John’s recipes are being added to a few at a time – usually after his videos are published. Thanks for the suggestion, Lela.

  4. Glad to see a pin it button, I keep all my food blogs bookmarked there so I can easily find them. Thank you for the resource links. Best wishes.

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