True Love is a Dog

I want to share a short, feel good story about one of the loves in my life. Sometimes I have so much to share, it seems overwhelming.  There are times where words just tumble out, then there are times where there is too much to say. That is when I get writers block, which is where I have found myself this week.  Rather than struggle, I decided to just write.

KomiAs many of you know, we have a gaggle of grand kids and our dog, Komi.  Komi is MY dog. She decided that in the truck on the day we brought her home. She looked at me and then at No Baking Papa and placed her chin on my arm and sighed. She had made her choice. She follows me everywhere I go.  If I am away, she goes on a hunger strike and waits at the door for my return.   She loves me unconditionally.  


This is Love


Komi also loves her kids.  They are HER kids. She loves them all. It is hard to explain the difference in her personality when the kids are around.  They bring out the best in her.  

She listens for the car door slamming. Kids racing to the house with giggles and laughter. A race to be the first person greeted by Komi.  

This is love.  


This week we had the kids overnight.  Too many kids for the number of beds available.  I put two of the girls to bed on the couch in the family room.  Komi positioned herself between the kids on the couch and ottoman and fell asleep.  I locked up the house, kissed the girls a last goodnight and called Komi to come to bed. She didn’t budge.  I called again and she put her head down and wagged her tail to let me know that she wasn’t moving. She was on duty for the night. 

I went to bed without her, which felt odd.  She always goes to bed when I do.  During the night, No Baking Papa got up to check on them and as he came down the hall he heard a low growl.   Komi was on guard.  Once she saw who it was, she wagged her tail and hung her head as if to say, “Sorry!”  But she didn’t move from her self determined post.  

At 5 AM she came to the bedroom door and gave one sharp bark as if to say, “Hey, it is time to get up!  My job is done, the sun is up!”   I got the message.  

After breakfast we headed to the park, Komi’s favorite activity of the day.  The kids took turns ‘walking’ her.  In reality, she walks them, but they don’t know it.  She walks slowly with the little ones and fast as she wants with the big kids.  

This is Love

This is Love


After her big explore through the bushes looking for bunnies, we stopped to let the kids play on the equipment.   Komi parked herself on the cool grass and watched them play.   

People, bikes and dogs came and went. Komi watched them with little interest.  Sitting on the bench next to her, I heard a low growl.  I looked down, Komi’s  eyes were directed at a man coming up the walk.  She sensed something that I was oblivious too.  I held her leash and watched as she kept her eyes on this one man until he was out of sight.   Komi was still on watch.  

Who could ask for more?  

Yep, this is a love I trust!

Komi left this earth 9/19/2017
It was her time.  It was peaceful and time for her and I to take this journey.   I stayed with her the entire time, she wasn’t scared.  She gave me a big comfortable sigh as she fell asleep.  


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Each morning my granddaughter Sarah calls to ask, "Watcha doing, Nana? Are you baking Nana?" Hence my "name" Baking Nana. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a grandmother to 12 very hungry grandkids. I don't bake fancy cakes but I do make wonderful yeast bread and home cooked meals made with love.


True Love is a Dog — 8 Comments

  1. Awwww, Nana, this makes me tear up! She is lucky to be part of your family. Beautiful tribute!

  2. Thanks for sharing Baking Nana, really enjoyed your thoughts and am so happy for your wonderful experiences!

  3. lovely read, baking nana! i have two small dogs and saw everything you mentioned, in them! they certainly are TRUE love! belly rubs to komi! 🙂

  4. I loved this story about your dear Komi. Dogs have incredible instinct, some breeds more than others depending on the circumstances. She must give you a sense of protection for you and your family, not to mention the amazing amount of love. I hope my Remi, an Australian Shepherd now 13 weeks, will become the same kind of protective family member. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. What a tribute to Komi! And, your blogs are always wonderful, Baking Nana…
    Both my husband and I grew up with dogs but our daughter had a cat for her first 15 years. “Sport” was the most dog-like cat I have ever seen. He followed Alison around making sure she was okay and slept on the foot of her bed every night. We have photos of her laying on top of this big fluffy orange cat…very unusual for a cat to put up with something like this. In a few years we’re planning to retire (it’s hard for me to believe we are old enough!) and I think it’s time to get another pet. It might be time for our first dog!

  6. Good morning Baking Nana, my Molly does the same as your Komi when she is done for the night, wags her tail and puts her head down. We got Molly after the girls left home to be on their own, but we did have a yellow lab named Sandy when they were children she was much like Komi. Strangers- do not come near my kids was her vibe. Our girls grew up with dogs and love them, when we go away our youngest daughter comes to stay with Molly and they have a bond that is wonderful to watch. Dogs age great!!