The Volunteers are Winning

For those of you that have followed my blog on you know my about my volunteer army of seedlings from the compost pile.   Fun times in the garden this spring as I tilled and dug in last years compost.

Lesson learned.  My compost contained many seeds from tomatoes and various squash that we eat – those ended up growing, in mass, in my little garden.  I pulled, thinned and weeded but there were some that looked so hardy that I hesitated to pull them.

As they grew, I knew I was in trouble but the bees loved the blossoms and I felt bad just yanking out thriving plants that were obviously seedlings and not weeds.   What are weeds anyway?

So now the question is, what the heck kind of squash do I have growing and when the heck should I harvest them?


Mystery Squash
Mystery Squash – Mystery Solved. This is a Red Kuri squash


A bigger one - seems to be the same variety.
A bigger one – seems to be the same variety, but looks more like a pumpkin.

I have always thought that you needed to wait until the vine died back and the stem dried before you harvested pumpkins or winter squash but these dudes seem to keep growing and growing.  They never seem to stop.  Every week I have to cut them back off the walkway.

September 1st Garden 004

About Baking Nana

Each morning my granddaughter Sarah calls to ask, “Watcha doing, Nana? Are you baking Nana?” Hence my “name” Baking Nana. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a grandmother to 12 very hungry grandkids. I don’t bake fancy cakes but I do make wonderful yeast bread and home cooked meals made with love.


The Volunteers are Winning — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Baking Nana,

    Love your new site! You go girl! I will never forget your kindness with the gift subscription you gave me for Allrecipes! A complete stranger! Wow, What a woman! Thank you again. I will follow you anywhere!

    Peggy Mitchell

    PS: Oh yeah!!! Just last night I made your Chili relleno casserole with ranchero sauce! It is wonderful. That sauce is to die for. Rolled leftovers up in a tortilla and ate it for breakfast too.
    It it very odd that I just made that and now bump into your website?!

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