Take a Deep Breath……

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First World Problems.

Posted on a Face Book page,
‘Another a hole that can’t park normal at CVS….Smh!!!

To the guy in the red truck – you have been socially shamed.
‘Look!  A truck parked cockeyed – the community must know.’  (I blocked out the license number, you are welcome.)
Social Media shaming has become all to common.

To the original poster, if this is the biggest problem you have to deal with today,  you are very blessed.  The community expects you to always park straight, never cut anyone off, never exceed the speed limit and certainly always pull into the gas station heading the correct direction.  You know what they say about Karma.  She is a bitch…..

It amazes me how upset people get over the smallest things.  In the big scope of things, does this really affect your life?  You had to choose another parking spot. Man, life is tough.
Did this truck, endanger the citizens of our community?  Did it endanger you?
Does it make you feel better to post this injustice?  If so, why?

Is social shaming another form of bullying?

Many people ‘wig out” and rant about such things, why?
How many children have witnessed such rants?   What does this teach our children?
Why does something this minor upset you enough to post on social media?

Take a breath, pause for a moment.  

  • Our actions and reactions define who we are.
  • We cannot control someone else’s actions.
    We can only control our reactions.
  • In the big scope of things, how important is this?
  • We are teaching our children life lessons, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Is this one we want them to learn?

This type of social media post doesn’t just happen in our small community, it happens everywhere.
Let’s take a breath and remember what is really important.

Nearly 14 years ago our country was attacked by terrorists. In one split second we became acutely  aware of what was really important. We banded together, as a community and as a Nation.
Let’s remember the big picture and what is really important.

Relax, life is short.

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Take a Deep Breath…… — 6 Comments

  1. When the trivial things begin to get under my skin I think back on the battle our 17 year old son lost to leukemia. Life is too precious to let the frivolous bother us.

  2. Thank you, dear! You are correct. If I give out judgment, then I will be judged. If I ridicule, then I will be ridiculed. How much better to give and receive understanding and acceptance? Anyway, I don’t run the world, so I don’t get to decide. Neither do I have to be responsible! The last time I checked, no one was calling me God, thank heavens for that!

    • Good morning, Brenda.
      Yesterday, I saw images of refugee children washed up on shore, refugee camps spanning the Jordanian dessert as far as the eye could see. Those are REAL problems.
      I know I get caught up in the minor frustrations of everyday life and it is easy to get sucked in and jump on the band wagon.
      A car that parks cockeyed, a website that has glitches, a line at the grocery store. These are minor annoyances. How we react sets the tone for our day and teaches those around us how to react. Life is too short to waste one ounce of energy on such trivial nonsense.
      Thanks for hearing me out. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Oh, how right you are. I say that ALL the time….”if this is the worst thing that happens to me today ~~ it is going to be a great day!!” My kids laugh about it and I hear them say it (to mock me, I’m sure), but I know they understand.
    The current climate in the country seems to foster this kind of talk and behavior. When people who claim to want to lead the greatest country in the world speak and act so horribly as they campaign for votes ~ and then are applauded for it, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by a posting like that on FB. Not sure how it all happened, but we have become a very disrespectful nation. The children seem to rule the families in many cases, and manners and common courtesy are not easily found. So sad.