Searching for Answers -The Magic of Fresh Food

We all have one thing in common, we eat.  The food industry has done a great job of convincing ‘eaters’ that they can feed us better than we can feed ourselves.  As a result, we are getting fatter, sicker and developing allergies that were unheard of not too long ago. There are many things in our environment that we cannot control, what we eat is, for the most part, one thing that we can control.

Fad diets come and go but food is not a fad, it is essential for life.

Happy EggsThink about the simple egg.  Eggs were deemed ‘evil’, and shunned as being ‘unhealthy’.  These little powerhouses are a natural source of protein that are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. They are affordable and come pre-packaged by nature.

In the meantime, while the egg was being vilified the breakfast cereal aisles grew to enormous proportions.  Loaded with sugar, dyes, preservatives and additives.  Brightly colored, cleverly packaged cereal lure shoppers & their children.   While oatmeal occupies the bottom shelf, practically hidden from view.


Gluten Free!  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye and has become the latest dietary villain. Clearly the food industry has caught on and responded by labeling everything and anything it can “Gluten Free”.  I have even seen gluten free bottled water!  I understand that there are some people with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity that truly do benefit from a gluten free diet. With only 7% of Americans actually having these conditions it goes to show that a lot of people are looking for a solution to gastrointestinal distress or to improve physical or mental health.  Consumer Reports published a very good article titled ‘Will a gluten-free diet really make you healthier?’ If you are experiencing what you perceive to be gluten intolerance I implore you to see a doctor.  If you are considering going gluten free to just be ‘healthier’ please do your research, gluten free does not automatically mean healthy.

Low Fat / Fat Free:  In the 1990’s fat became the villain. Fat Free products are often very high in sugar, sodium and chemicals. The truth is fat is fuel.  We need fat in our diet to survive.  Not all fat is created equally. There is no place in any diet for Trans-fats. If the label says ‘Partially Hydrogenated…..’ it goes back on the shelf.   Natural fats found in wild caught seafood, olive oil, avocado, butter are all good with me. Keep in mind, I am not talking about weight loss here, I am talking about health.

There is magic in fresh food. We all eat, don’t miss an opportunity to eat well.

  • Cook  Buy or grow real ingredients and learn to cook them.  The biggest form of rebellion against overly processed, chemical laden ‘food like products’ is to not buy them.  The food industry is listening. We tell them what we want by what we purchase.
  • Exercise  everyday, walk, garden,  just get out and move. (yes, shoveling snow counts)
  • Avoid Fast Food  With the exception of a very few items, fast food is not real food.
  • Eat fat but choose wisely. All things in moderation does not apply to Trans Fats
  • Limit refined sugar & artificial sweeteners  No sodas, not even diet.
  • Listen to your body.  Your body is talking to you.  Keep track of what you eat. If you feel good and have plenty of energy you are doing something right.  If not, before eliminating any one food group try eliminating chemicals, additives, preservatives and buy Organic when you can.


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  1. Great post about our food consumption. I totally view it as my responsibility to search out whole, clean foods to prepare for my family. It is true that we are what we eat. Well done! We eat out rarely. I’m just not a fan of dining out!

    • Candice, thanks for you thoughts.
      Eating out is a real problem for me at times, where others consider it a ‘treat’ for me it is really about the company and rarely about the food.
      Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Always back to basics. Great post Baking Nana (and by the way, the cauliflower is begging to be eaten)!

    • Thanks for stopping in Rae.
      Cauliflower is my latest obsession, I love it!
      That reminds me, I have to get a few more cauliflower recipes posted, a perfect excuse to make and eat more cauliflower. 🙂

  3. Great blog BN. I hope you are right about the next food craze. Real food for real people.

    • Thanks Jay. I do believe there is a growing trend toward real food. Those with the greatest spending power have the power to change the food world. Not too long ago Organic products were scarce, very expensive and not readily available. Large grocery chains have caught on and are reaping the benefits by meeting the demand.
      The eggs pictured above were a gift from my 10 year old grandson who raises his own hens and collects the eggs. At ten years old he can tell you more about eggs and chickens than you would care to know. This is a kid that has already jumped onto the ‘real food for real people’ bandwagon.
      Everything comes full circle, there is hope.

    • Thanks Brian. I don’t know about the ‘masses’ but if we can each touch our little part of the world the food world will change.

  4. Agree with Pam, once you start reading food labels, it will surprise you to see what is inside the container besides food. I’m trying to do more organic and whole foods, but old habits die hard, and my wallet is thin.

    • Brenda, don’t you find the ingredient labels daunting? I agree, it is hard to break old habits and aside from cost, time is a huge obstacle standing in the way of families returning to non processed food. If there is one thing I can hope to achieve through this site is to help make the transition away from processed food easier.
      Eating well should not be more complicated, in fact it should easier, but it is not. For me, it isn’t an ‘all or nothing’ proposition. Our food world didn’t get to where it is today overnight. Baby steps back to basics & what ‘real food’ really is.

  5. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I have a grand niece that started having health issues. Her mother started reading all food labels and systematically started eliminating things. Eventually the outcome was that dyes added to any product was causing the reaction. This situation made me start scrutinizing food labeling – – HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! – – It was a real eye opener for me how many products have dye added to them – – not to mention all the chemicals – – geesh – – no wonder there are more health issues going on than there use to be. Anyway. . . my goal is to teach my nieces (and nephews) how to cook NATURALLY . . . FROM SCRATCH!!! At least if they have the knowledge of how to cook then they will not be dependent on prepackaged, premade or fast food items and all the multi-syllabled, unpronounceable alien ingredients included – – at least they can make a decision with the ability to choose and not out of ignorance of what to do with those orange sticks with green leafy things growing out of one end . . . THEY ARE CARROTS!!!! not some foreign space object . . . Ok – stepping off my soap box now – – this is a paid political announcement from the surgeon general’s office who says if you still want to have functioning brain cells – start reading what you’re injesting!!

    • Hi Pam. Aren’t food label absolutely daunting? Just looking at a label on a simple loaf of bread which you would think would read, ‘Unbleached Wheat Flour, water, yeast & salt” instead has list of 20 ingredients! As for dyes, I believe they are the root cause of many health issues, it is virtually impossible to avoid them.
      The greatest gift we can give the upcoming generations is to teach them how to cook from scratch and how to actually prepare real food. Repeat, repeat repeat until it is second nature.
      Speaking of carrots, funny story. I went to the market yesterday and bought carrots. I tossed the package on the end of the counter as I was unloading. My grand daughter walked in and said, “Nana! You bought hotdogs? Oh, wait those are carrots! I should have known better.” We got a huge laugh out of that one.
      Thanks for stopping in, keep up the good work!

  6. Right on, Baking Nana! Right on! Or maybe I should say, “Write on!” We need to keep getting the word out so that more and more people will buy their groceries on the outer edges of the grocery store and venture into the aisles only for certain staples—like flour! Keep writing!