Meal Magic – Pizza on the Grill

Have you seen those epic “Pinterest Fail” posts?  People trying to make pizza on the grill and then the dough falling through the grill, they are hilarious.  Unless of course it is YOUR pizza!

For the last few months the Allrecipes Brand Ambassadors have been working with Reynolds Wrap ® products.   This month I had the pleasure of using Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil ® and testing a method for pizza on the grill.  This was one of those, “Duh!  Why didn’t I think about doing this before!” moments.

One of the recipes we were asked to make was Sausage and Mushroom Pizza on the Grill. Of course I couldn’t do just sausage and mushrooms!  Please check out that recipe.

Pizza on the grill 023 T


This method is great for any pizza.

I made my own pizza dough, which by the way is fabulous, if I do say so myself!

Make sure your check out this recipe – it is a keeper!   Pizza Dough

My veggie pizza using Pesto and assorted veggies.

I precooked some of the veggies is a foil pack on the grill – it worked great.


Pizza on the grill 002 T

The Magic is the method, using Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil ® to line the grill is brilliant! Just look how that foil fits the grill as if it were made just for that purpose.

Then you heat the grill – Reynolds suggests heating on high, but I will warn you High could be a bit too much.

I heated the whole thing and then turned off the middle burners.


I had hopes of taking pictures of the dough cooking but alas it cooks so fast that had I stopped to grab the camera it would have been burnt pizza, which is not magic.

My most ‘Foodie’ grand daughter Hailey stopped by as I was preparing this and she was so impressed!   I should have had her videoing the cooking process, it is a sight to see!

Thanks Reynolds Wrap for another ‘Meal Magic’ kitchen adventure!

Just a couple of tips:

  • Have everything ready to roll.  Sauce, toppings all staged.
  • Oil the dough VERY well.   Shape on well oiled Reynolds parchment sheets.  Two pizzas per sheet and then cut the sheets in half, for easy flipping onto the grill.
  • When the dough hits the hot foil it cooks in an instant,  It will bubble and sizzle.
  • Have your large spatula ready!
  • Don’t hesitate to only do two pizzas at a time – they cook so quickly, doing multiple batches is much easier to handle.
  • Enjoy the magic of pizza on the grill!


About Baking Nana

Each morning my granddaughter Sarah calls to ask, “Watcha doing, Nana? Are you baking Nana?” Hence my “name” Baking Nana. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a grandmother to 12 very hungry grandkids. I don’t bake fancy cakes but I do make wonderful yeast bread and home cooked meals made with love.


Meal Magic – Pizza on the Grill — 13 Comments

  1. Very nice. This method works great for not only pizza, but cinnamon rolls and pretty much anything you would normally bake. Indirect heat is key. I can’t wait to try your dough recipe!

    • Hi Jay – I bake indirect on the grill a lot – but never tried pizza on foil – this was probably more ‘direct’ than I had done before – next time I wouldn’t get my grill quite so hot. But there will be a next time!

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