It’s Time to Take a Stand – Do It For the Kids

Can we talk for a moment?   Pull up a chair, I need to get something off my chest.

We all love children, correct?   We all support education and schools, correct?
Well, let’s say, most of the time we do!

“Do it for the kids!”     “Do it for the schools!”    “Protect the children!”

Big Food and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) are fighting tooth and nail to avoid mandatory labeling of genetically modified food.  Their claim is that labeling  will increase food prices, more children will go hungry, groceries will cost too much.  Yet ‘they’ can pour millions of dollars toward defeating mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients, all the while marketing those same products to our children, through labeling.

We are buying it and our children are their pawns..

Can we talk about Box Tops for Education?

Labels Box TopsSounds good right?  Over $300 Million Earned!

Elementary schools run classroom contests and competitions for the most labels turned in.  The kids compete for every box top. Talk about peer pressure!

Tears have been shed over not having ‘Box Tops’ to turn in.  Without ‘Box Tops’, children are unworthy, shunned, they have let the class and teachers down.

Is this just another form of bullying?

What an amazing labeling / marketing strategy!



Labels  Whole Grain

Kids have a lot of clout over what we purchase. and they want that ‘Box Top’.

‘Big Food’ knows that they must also appeal to the actual purchaser,  Mom and Dad.    As parents, we don’t want to feel guilty about feeding our kids ‘processed food’.

They have that covered too. Look at that!   
‘WHOLE GRAIN’ and a ‘Box Top’ too!

It must be good!  Right?


TBHQWhat kind of Whole Grain Corn? Chances are it is genetically modified corn. But we don’t know for sure, it isn’t labeled. Remember, labeling is far to expensive, or so we have been told.

TBHQ    The name is so long that they don’t even spell it out.   Tertiary Butylhydroquinone

I have made a lot of tortillas and never reached for Palm Oil or TBHQ.



El Paso Stand and Stuff

‘Since 1938’  Old El Paso  has been around a LONG time, that makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

I am quite sure that in 1938 this product did not exist.  No Palm Oil, no TBHQ and I don’t think that in 1938 ‘GENERAL MILLS SALES, INC.” owned or marketed this product.

But labeling is too expensive, right?


This is just one example of thousands of products.  Many have far more extensive and detailed ingredient lists.

“It’s for the kids!”   Our children are being used to promote and market these products in the name of Education.   Maybe, just maybe, if our children were not subjected to GMO ingredients, Palm oil ,TBHQ and the whole host of other additives, dyes and  chemicals they would have a better chance at being prosperous students and lead long and healthy lives.

“Protect the Children!”   Indeed, let us protect our children!  Our children are being brainwashed and used to market products that very well may lead to their ultimate demise.

Label GMO Ingredients Give us a choice.  Labeling obviously doesn’t cost that much, ‘Big Food’ puts a lot of thought, effort, and money into labeling their products. They are very good at labeling. It is time to stop throwing away millions and millions of dollars to defeat GMO labeling laws and put that money toward honest labeling.  Tell us what is really in our food!

Now is the time to truly educate ourselves and our children.  Is that ‘Box Top’ valued at 10 cents, worth allowing our children to be used as a marketing tool?  Is it worth the long term consequences?

I would rather have my child make a direct donation than to fall prey to “Big Food” advertising.

It is time to speak with our dollars.

It is time to get back to basics.

It is time to take a stand.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Your thoughts, please?



It’s Time to Take a Stand – Do It For the Kids — 12 Comments

  1. It is absurd (and a lie) that labeling would increase the cost. How many times have you gone searching for a favorite product and you couldn’t find it BECAUSE they had changed the label! Generally making it “new” and improved and THEN raised the price. Anyway, if it irks them so much they want to raise the price to label it, I would carry the increase to KNOW. Monsanto is suing Vermont because the voters there want their foods labeled. How can this be? How can you sue a municipality in an alleged Democracy for exercising those same democratic rights?

    • The labels change more often than some people change their socks! Labeling and repackaging is a part of the business. Let’s be honest – it has nothing to do with changing a label. It is ALL about how that label will influence people. It has taken less than 20 years to convince the ‘public’ that GMOs are ‘normal’ – GMO labeling might just remind people that this isn’t ‘real’ food.

  2. In Oregon, they’ve taken this on one County at a time. A much more “local or “in your backyard” approach has really proved successful. It started with Southern Oregon collecting signatures to get a measure on the ballot for banning the cultivation of GMO crops; Jackson and Josephine Counties respectfully. It has extended in those counties to measures stating that NO FOOD MAY BE SOLD in either county which contain Genetically Modified Organisms as well. When looking back over polictially charged issues of the past, it seems as though battling at local levels has proven the best way to get the message across nationally.

    • Candice: I agree that we need to start at ‘home’ – locally, to make a change.
      I know Oregon will be voting on Measure 92 soon. I hope they can do what California could not. In California scare, tactics of how expensive it would be to label worked.
      Clearly, Big Food is a master at labeling, when they so desire.

  3. Thanks for ringing the bell, Baking Nana. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. Not only are the children pawns of Big Food, they (and we) are pawns of big government, too. Politicians feel comfortable about cost-cutting for children, since they can’t vote. That’s why education is under-funded (except for top administrators, of course) and the kids are coerced into these box top campaigns and outright door-to-door selling!

    • Good morning, Brenda. Thank you for your thoughts. The Box Top campaign is a brilliant marketing strategy. Box Tops for education makes us feel good about the product. They are helping schools, right? The subliminal message is clear. Product + Box Top = Good
      General Mills alone donated over $1 million to defeat California’s GMO labeling law. That speaks volumes.

  4. Man, I don’t know what school your kids went to but mine never even cared to bring in the box tops, I was the one shoving them in the backpacks and begging them to turn them in before they expired. I collect them now for my niece, nephew and grand daughter and it really is no big deal for any of them at their separate schools. Not sure about the shunned part. Sounds like I would change schools. I don’t remember my kid EVER asking me to buy something cause it had a box top…. maybe a toy, but a box top?

    • My grand kids that are in elementary school are all competing for those Box Tops. If they are on a package of something I do buy, I save them. (Ziplock Bags comes to mind) I have seen kids cry because they didn’t have any Box Tops to contribute to the class collection. The kids are not shunned by the teachers or the PTA but by their classmates. I was amazed at how important those Box Tops were. How each school handles these is different, I am sure.
      I want to be very clear – my beef isn’t with the schools. It is with the manufacturers who dump millions into defeating GMO truth in labeling laws, claim it is too expensive to label GMOs yet can pay 10 cents a label PLUS the cost of putting those Box Tops and Whole Grain claims on the package.
      It just bugs me that our kids are being used as their pawns.

      • I guess they could just dump millions into defeating the labeling and keep their millions they dump into our schools? Would make more sense but would be sad for the schools that really rely on that money.

        • Karen, the two should not be related. Why are they (Big Food) giving to the schools? Yes, the schools need the money but at what cost? Big Food is already dumping millions and millions into defeating labeling – those box tops are almost ‘free’ to them. I am sure the donation is written off as a charitable contribution, plus they get brand loyalty.
          Did you see my post today? I do appreciate the work the PTA does on behalf of our kids and schools.
          I also call into question Big Food’s motives.
          Food for thought.