Classic Potato Pancakes aka Latkas

Adapted from Chef John’s Classic Potato Pancakes. The ingredients are the same but the method & instructions have been modified to ensure truly crispy pancakes. Water is the enemy of crispy potatoes, using this method you are guaranteed success.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream & thinly sliced smoked salmon or as I do, crispy addition to Sunday’s bacon and eggs.
For a gluten free version – use Rice flour instead of all purpose flour.

Hash Browns – Real Crispy

The secret to really crispy homemade hash browns is to rinse the potato starch from the potatoes and to get them nice and dry. By using a salad spinner it is easy to both rinse and dry the grated potatoes.
Once added to the hot pan don’t move them until they are nicely brown.
Sunday breakfast never tasted so good!