Amazing Avocados

Avocado I am going to tell you right off the bat that LOVE avocados!

I love the delicious creamy texture. I love them cubed, sliced, mashed.

Honestly, I think they are my most favorite food!    Fruit – avocados are a fruit!

In this house there is no such thing as too many avocados.


Avocados Always Delicious


Imagine my delight when I heard that was partnering with ‘Avocados from Mexico‘ and as a Brand Ambassador I had been selected to participate!  Did you hear the ‘WOOT WOOT!’ all the way from California?

This is a product that I can stand behind!  A delicious, nutrient dense powerhouse, that comes in it’s own natural packaging.  Who could ask for more?


Given my assignment, I tried to think back to when my love affair with avocados began.  It wasn’t from my parents, they were British.  Let’s face it, avocado trees don’t grow in Yorkshire, England, which is a far cry from Mexico’s rich volcanic soil, and abundant sunshine.

While I was pregnant with my first child we discovered ‘real’ Mexican food and with that came ‘real’ guacamole, made with real Hass Avocados from Mexico.  My love affair truly began then. While some women were craving pickles and ice cream, I was craving avocados.   Little did I know then that avocados contain 20 vitamins and minerals including a healthy dose of folic acid, which according to  and the American Academy of Pediatrics  ‘Avocados contain more folate per ounce than any other fruit….folic acid is a key prenatal nutrient.

Along came my third daughter.  Poor thing, she had a very sensitive digestive system, so many foods bothered her.  She would cry and cry, I could not figure out if she was in pain or hungry.   My pediatrician, who was also a vegetarian, recommended avocados for the nutrients, healthy fats and easily digestible protein.    Avocados agreed with her, they filled her up, gave her the much needed healthy fats, protein and vitamins she needed.   Thankfully, avocados are available all year long so there was never a shortage of avocados in our house.

At this point you are probably nodding your head and thinking, “Yes, but they are so expensive.”  Years ago a very wise woman pointed out to me that if I could afford chips, I could certainly afford avocados.  How right Audrey was!

Let’s make a quick comparison.

This past weekend Avocados from Mexico were $1.00 each.  (Sometimes they are .50¢ each)
A bag of name brand chips were $1.98 each IF you bought 2 bags.  ($2.50 a bag if you bought 1 bag.)

For the same price as two, 11 ounce bags of chips you could get 4 avocados.

Let’s look at nutrition, ounce for ounce.

1 serving of avocado is 1 oz (3 slices) = 50 calories and 20 vitamins and minerals.
(Eat a whole avocado and you are looking at about 250 – 300 calories total.)

1 serving of chips is 1 oz (about 11 chips) = 140 calories
(Eat a 11 oz  bag of chips  and you are looking at 1,540 calories)



Around our house, 1/2 an avocado is the perfect after school, after practice, snack.   Healthy fats, 20 vitamins and minerals. Nutritious and delicious for about 50¢ per serving.

Okay, I will be honest, the big eaters want a whole avocado, so they cost me $1.00 each.  How much is a fast food burger?  A bag of chips?

I don’t know about your kids but my eaters need ‘real’ food or they get ‘hangry’.   Fresh Hass Avocados from Mexico do the trick for us!


Not all Avocado are Created Equal:

In my opinion Hass Avocados are the best for flavor and texture. They have a rough, tough skin which helps protect them against bruising.    My favorite avocados are Hass variety. (or Haas depending on the spelling)

When buying avocados, I go for the green ones featured on the far left and let them sit to ripen on my counter. Mind you, I always try to have a back log of avocados.  The very green avocado will take 5 – 7 days to ripen, at room temperature.  The benefit of buying them like this is that they are not ‘manhandled’ and bruised.  Avocados mature on the tree but only ripen after being picked.

Avocados 004 A

If you need them sooner, look for a darker skin – to speed up ripening – place in a paper bag. To slow ripening, place in the refrigerator.

Avocado Ripeness

I will be back tomorrow with some amazing recipes using avocados!  They aren’t just for dips and snacks!  Think breakfast, lunch and dinner too!




About Baking Nana

Each morning my granddaughter Sarah calls to ask, "Watcha doing, Nana? Are you baking Nana?" Hence my "name" Baking Nana. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a grandmother to 12 very hungry grandkids. I don't bake fancy cakes but I do make wonderful yeast bread and home cooked meals made with love.


Amazing Avocados — 10 Comments

  1. Very informative! It is also nice to see an economical, healthy alternative to junk food. Sometimes a difficult find these days, as you well know.

  2. Good morning, I started eating avocados last year and very happy I did. I put then in salads and smoothies. I also like them with a hard boiled egg. Thanks Baking Nana for this very good information..

  3. Great read! I practically eat an avocado a day. Back in the day we treated them like gold until the border restrictions were relaxed and they became affordable. The original Haas tree, which was really a mistake, died in Whittier, California in 2002.

  4. Good morning, Marianne! My fellow avocado lover! I think that red onion and avocado are a match made in heaven! Have you tried using Tajin instead of seasoning salt? Delish!

  5. Very well written and informative blog (love that photo of your granddaughter). I’ve never been a huge avocado fan; don’t dislike them, but don’t go bonkers over them either. I opted out of the campaign selection process, so the real “avocado lovers” could participate. I must say that I made a smoothie recently that had an avocado in it, and it really gave it incredible creaminess. Looking forward to seeing all the new recipes the Ambassadors created. I might just be motivated enough now to revisit avocados and try a few of them.

    • Good morning, Pat. Thank You, that little eater is Tatum. Avocado smoothies are all the rage these days. I am not a smoothie fan but I think if it had avocado in it I would like it!
      Thanks for stopping in!

  6. Excellent blog! Excellent! This comes from another avocado lover! When I was growing up, avocados were so expensive that we didn’t get them very often, but when we moved to California, they became a staple in our home. My favorite way to eat them, besides diced in my salad every night, is to slightly mash them with just the smallest touch of mayo and red onion with lettuce on a sandwich. A little seasoning salt. Mmmmmm. It’s early in the morning, but I have an inkling what is in my future in a couple of hours! Thanks, Nana!

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