About Nana

Welcome to my virtual kitchen, a place where friends gather and chat about food, gardening & family.   This is where we can learn, share ideas & concerns be it about food or life in general.
With a ‘name’ like Baking Nana you would think that I am a master of fancy cakes and sweets – nothing could be further from the truth.   Each morning my granddaughter calls me with a cheery greeting.   “Watcha doing, Nana?  Are you baking Nana?”  Hence my ‘Name”.   You see, I love to bake with yeast.
I am a mother of three grown children and a grandmother to 12 hungry grandkids.  Raising children is not for the weak and weary. At the end of a long day it is easy to succumb to fast food.  With a plan in place and some handy time saving tips it is possible to make homemade meals that are cheaper, healthier and faster than takeout.   Together we will explore how to accomplish delicious food that does not come through the window of your car or from the freezer case of your grocery store.
My quest is to bring friends and families together around the kitchen table with an appreciation of real food, made with love.