A New Meaning of Chinese Chicken

The business of food is convoluted for sure.  Why can’t I buy raw milk from a local dairy? Government regulations, under the guise of food safety, prohibit the sale of raw milk because it might be unsafe, it could make us sick.   We certainly can’t be trusted to make that decision.

The USDA and FDA want to make sure the food we eat is safe, or do they?

Now, hold the phone!   The USDA just approved the processing of chicken in China!   Can we not process our own chicken here in the United States or Canada?  

From what I understand, initially the chicken will be raised in the United States or Canada.   The chicken will be harvested, cooked (although there is some debate on if the chicken will be cooked or raw before shipping)  and then shipped to China for processing, returning to the USA  in the form of nuggets or maybe those chunks of chicken in frozen pot pies or floating in that can of chicken noodle soup.  

Will we know which products contain chicken processed in China?  Of course not!  

The Chinese processing plants will verify that the chicken is raised in the USA or Canada and because the chicken is processed there will be NO country of origin label required.  

Will the USDA have inspectors in these processing plants?  Of course not!  

A recent FDA investigation has tied tainted dog chicken  jerky from China to the death of 500 dogs and the illness of 2,500 animals.  

Personally, I would rather take my chances with that raw milk from the local dairy farmer.

Any of you that have followed my blog on AllRecipes know how passionate I am about food and food safety.   There is no doubt in my mind that no parent would intentionally feed their children  poison.  When it comes to our children’s safety go to extremes to protect them.  

I ask you then, why is a trip to McDonald’s considered a treat?



Want to learn more: 

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Each morning my granddaughter Sarah calls to ask, “Watcha doing, Nana? Are you baking Nana?” Hence my “name” Baking Nana. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a grandmother to 12 very hungry grandkids. I don’t bake fancy cakes but I do make wonderful yeast bread and home cooked meals made with love.


A New Meaning of Chinese Chicken — 18 Comments

    • Marianne – this is a slippery slope, isn’t it? Already we are hard pressed to find anything manufactured in the US now our food supply is being shifted overseas as well. I can’t believe that there is much quality control or care taken in the processing plants in China. I have been reading about Smithfield being sold to the Chinese, what is next?

  1. Looking good Penny. It is a shame that we have to look to see where our food comes from.With all the unused land and farmers going under here in the USA we should not be getting food from anywhere but here.

    • Joey – we have the land, we have the people to work the land, we have people to process the food but we also have “trade agreements”. Our food supply is being sold to the lowest bidder.

  2. More and more reasons to shop at my small, local butcher shop. I rarely purchase those types of items, but, I whole heartedly agree with Brenda. This is just sickening and scary. Thank you for creating this blog, I will be a follower.

    • Eileen, thanks for stopping by. From the looks of the grocery stores we are in the minority when it comes to avoiding processed food. We have one local butcher that has a fine reputation, they prices are higher for sure but well worth it to me. For a large family with hungry kids they can’t afford locally produced meat. It is a sad state of affairs. There are very few options for those families on a tight budget.

  3. Good on you Penny for developing your very own blog site. I will be a regular follower! Now, onto this chicken thing. WHY??? I have always had a WHY personality. Why on earth are we sending American grown chickens to China for processing? Is it some sort of weird and wacky (not to mention, expensive to us taxpayers) trade agreement that ultimately has not one thing to do with chicken? I wonder? BTW, as you know I grew up in MIRA LOMA, aka Dairy Land. We grew up on Raw Milk for Pete’s Sake!

    • Here is what worries me, Renee, you and I might choose to buy local but it is our kids and grandkids that will unknowingly be eating this ‘chicken’. There is liable to be a mass recall of tainted ‘food’ like with the e.coli tainted beef. It is scarey to think of the consequences.

  4. I won’t buy food made in China for my dog. Why would they think it would be acceptable to buy food for our family that was “processed” in China? It is outrageous. There is no one looking out for food safety in the US anymore. The sad part is a lot of this processed foods will go to schools for school lunches for our children, and nursing homes to feed the elderly, and hospitals for the sick. The people who are the most vulnerable and need good nutrition the most, would likely be the unknowing recipients of this. Is our government going to wait for these people to get sick and die before they protect our food supply?

  5. Yuk, and double yuk! Who will be responsible for quality control? How can they possibly justify the cost of shipping back AND forth? Jamie Oliver showed on TV what chicken nuggets were made of. I’ll bet that any REAL chicken stays in China, and we get skin, feet and fat (stuff I throw away!) in those nuggets. Who will benefit? NOT the consumer.

    • Brenda, I would like to know who is benefitting from this venture – certainly not the consumer or the US and Canadian chicken processors. You know what is amazing to me is that because this will be “processed” it doesn’t require labeling, as if processing assures safety. One real look at those processing plants would make probably make me vomit. Considering that I just read, but have not verified, that only 17% of a cheap fast food burger is actually ‘beef’ makes me think there might not be much actual chicken in that processed chicken from China.

    • Brenda, I agree with you. How do you know what we receive back from China is what we sent over there? Scary beyond belief.

  6. Well done Brave Baking Nana! Like Chris, this will not impact me because I don’t purchase those products. It is NOT environmentally nor economically feasible. . .I don’t care how bad at math you are, this doesn’t add up. I would just like to encourage folks to be aware of the laws on the floor at your state house. Be the voice against unconstitutional laws.

    • Thanks for stopping in Lady Sparkle. I think most families eat a lot of processed food. Maybe some people don’t want to know where their food comes from but I do. Mind you, the more I learn the more I know that I don’t know enough. Too many secrets…..

  7. I honestly felt nauseous as I read this “news.” It doesn’t affect me personally because I do not buy any of the products this chicken may end up in, but I ask myself how many US and Canadian jobs will be lost? How is shipping chicken around the world environmentally friendly? Who does the FDA work for anymore? First pork, now chicken. There are fewer and fewer items I am comfortable buying at the supermarket these days. All I can say is I support locally grown, sustainable foods and I am disgusted by the recent trends in outsourcing our food supply.

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